The Heart He Offers


17 Jul The Heart He Offers

The Heart He Offers”- John 3:16
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past many months you
know that the summer Olympics will be starting in about 3 weeks. This time they
are being held as you know in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You also know that some
athletes are not going to participate because of the Zeka mosquito disease.
Whenever we think of Rio and see pictures of Rio, we think of the song by Frank
Sinatra, “The Girl from Ipanema”, one of the beautiful beaches in Rio. We also see
the Christ the Redeemer statue. This statue was built over a 9 year period from
1922-1931. Some say it was built as a protest and a reminder of the “godless
materialism” society of the 1920s. The figure of Christ stands guard over the city,
one hundred and twenty feet tall with an arm span of nearly one hundred feet. It
has more than a thousand tons of reinforced steel holding it up. The head alone
measures ten feet from chin to scalp. Perched a half of mile above sea level on
Corcovado Mountain, the elevated Jesus is always visible. Many people especially
those new to Rio use the statue as a beacon, a bearings marker. The statue is
seen as one flies into Rio’s airport nearby. Look at the statue carefully Jesus arms
are outstretched ready to embrace and ready to give over and over again. Jesus,
like his statute is looking over and watching 24/7 in our lives. The statue looks like
Christ is ready to receive but to also give.

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