Talk To Me


05 Mar Talk To Me

“Talk to Me”- Matthew 6:5-15
The other day I was watching the news and astronomers think they have
discovered a solar system only 40 light years away with 7 planets and a sun star
that could be like our solar system. They also think that there might be signs of
water on one or more of these planets and therefore there might be life. But
what kind of life would it be? Would it be human life as we know it? Because of
my faith in God as creator of the universe, it has always been in the back of my
mind that we are the only human beings anywhere in the universe. We are God’s
creation and therefore I think that we are it. I am also here this morning to tell
you that the Creator of the universe thinks very highly of each of us so therefore,
he wants to talk to each of us. We call this of course prayer.

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