Seven Steps to Spontaneity


05 Feb Seven Steps to Spontaneity

“ Steps to Spontaneity”-I Thessalonians 5:16-22
Kids say the darndest things. There is the story of a minister whose church
had a coffee hour right after the service. One Sunday the minister was doing the
children’s message when he asked a little boy why did the church have a coffee
hour. Without hesitating the little boy said, “To wake the people up before they
have to drive home.” Kids do say the darndest things and the reason they do is
that unlike adults they have not lost their spirit of spontaneity. What happens to
many adults is that they stagnate. I read awhile back a pamphlet that described
the seven steps to stagnation. They are: we’ve never done it that way before.
We’re not ready for that. We’re doing all right without it. We’ve already tried that
before. It costs too much. That’s not our responsibility. It just won’t work. God,
however, wishes us to be different. How can we become more spontaneous in
our living? Paul outlines that for us in his letter to the Thessalonians.

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