23 Oct Service

“Tag- You’re It-Part 3-Gifts- 1 Chronicles 29: 1-18
Dusty Baker who is currently the manager of the Washington Nationals was
in November of 2002 hired to be the manager of the Chicago Cubs. When he
became their manager he was asked about the team’s long history of post-season
futility. Upon being told that the Cubs had not won a playoff series at then 94
years, he asked the questions that Cub fans had been asking for decades, “Why
not us?” Why not now? Why not here? If not us, then who? If not now, when? If
not here, then where? So what does all this baseball talk have to do with this
sermon. Hold on for a bit. We are in the third of a series of sermons entitled,
“Tag: You’re It.” As we look at how we can be excellent stewards of all that God
has given us. Two weeks ago we looked at the stewardship of the time God gives
us to use in this life. Last week we looked at the stewardship of the abilities that
God has given us. This morning we look at the stewardship of giving and we look
at the life of King David.

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