Why Prayers are Not Answered


21 May Why Prayers are Not Answered

“Why Prayers are Not Answered”-John 16:24, Ephesians 3:20, James 4:3
Do you all remember the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes? Calvin a precious
six-year-old boy and his stuffed tiger friend Hobbes. Both named after John
Calvin, a theologian, and Thomas Hobbes and English philosopher. In one strip it is
late November, and Calvin is waiting with his sled for the first big snowfall. He
waits and waits – but all he finds is brown grass…and no snow. So, he says, “If I
was in charge, we’d never see grass between October and May. “Then looking at
the heavens, he says, “On three,’ ready? One…two… three. Snow!” Nothing
happens, and the little boy is downcast. Again, he yells, “Snow!” Again, nothing
happens. Now thoroughly disgusted with God’s failure he shouts, “Ok then, don’t
snow! See if I care. I like this weather. Let’s have it forever.” But his defiance
doesn’t last long because in the next frame we find him on his knees offering this
prayer: “Please snow! Please? Just a foot! Ok, eight inches! That’s all. C’mon. Six
inches, even! How about 4 inches? “

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