Palm Branches, Red Carpets


09 Apr Palm Branches, Red Carpets

“Palm Branches and Red Carpets”- Luke 19:28-40
Glitter! Glamour! Gossip: The three “G’s” of the Hollywood red carpet treatment.
A few weeks ago, they had the annual Academy Awards ceremony out in Hollywood and
if you happen to watch that night, you probably got your fill of the three “G’s”
Flashbulbs popped and the paparazzi shot pictures for People, US Magazine, and the
National Enquirer as stars walked the red carpet into the Kodak Theatre. The press stuck
microphones into the celebrity faces and asked stupid questions, to which they received
mostly stupid answers. People actually enjoy this stuff. The Oscar show has become the
most watched television event, drawing almost a billion viewers. About one in every six
members of the human race is glued to the TV on Oscar night. Glitter! Glamour! Gossip.

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