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A Resurrection World View

“A Resurrection World View”- Mark 16:3,4, John 5:1-8, Acts: 2:24-26 Everyone has a particular view of life. It is called a world-view or a life perspective. Your world-view determines how you deal with life. Christians are peculiar people. If you are a Christian you have a particular...

Palm Branches, Red Carpets

“Palm Branches and Red Carpets”- Luke 19:28-40 Glitter! Glamour! Gossip: The three “G’s” of the Hollywood red carpet treatment. A few weeks ago, they had the annual Academy Awards ceremony out in Hollywood and if you happen to watch that night, you probably got your fill of the...

Harvest The Fruit

“Harvest the Fruit”- John 15:5, Galatians 5:22-25 Thursday January 15 was just another ordinary day in New York City. Or so it seemed. Flight 1549 a regular U.S. Air flight from LaGuardia to Charlotte took off with Captain “Sully” Sullenberger at the controls. Two minutes after take-off, the Airbus...

Talk To Me

“Talk to Me”- Matthew 6:5-15 The other day I was watching the news and astronomers think they have discovered a solar system only 40 light years away with 7 planets and a sun star that could be like our solar system. They also think that there might be...

Fear Not Death

“Dying to Live”- John 12:20-33 They say there are three things that cannot be talked about: You know them, right? Religion, sex, and politics. I think they are wrong. We do talk about these things. We just do it really badly. There is, however, something we do not talk...

Reconsider Rules Carved In Stone

“Reconsider Rules Carved in Stone”- Exodus 20:1-17 Since the dawn of creation, humankind has been on a quest for the meaning of life. Seeking answers to core questions of who we are, why we’re here, and how to make the most of our lives. I’m here to tell...