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Heart Over Mind

We no longer provide written sermons. Please enjoy this audio sermon from Jan. 21, 2018....

Can You Hear God?

We no longer provide written sermons. Please enjoy this audio sermon from January 14, 2018. ...

Seeing The Light

We no longer provide written sermons. Enjoy this sermon from Jan. 7, 2018....

Great Day At Brisben Center!
The PUMC Youth received a mention on the Thurman Brisben website for their work with Helping Hands!
Putting a Period Where God has a Comma

“Putting a Period When God has a Comma”- 1 Corinthians 3: 1-10 I love the measurement of time. From nanoseconds to light years. I love time. I love knowing what time it is all over the world. I have an Apple App that helps me to do just...

My Mother’s Apron

“My Mother’s Apron”- 1Peter 5:1-7, Ephesians 4:12,13 My mother has been gone now for 23 years. Through most of her adult life she was a housewife. She took care of my father, my siblings, and me. She took care of the house. I don’t ever remember my...

God of the Past, Present, and Future

“God of the Past, Present, and Future”- Exodus 3:1-15 Over the next three weeks as I complete our time of ministry with you I am going to preach three sermons based on the hymn, “Walk with Me”. Many of you might not remember nor were a part of...

Like A Big Happy Family

" Like A Big Happy Family"- Acts 2:1-8,1Peter 3:8-15 It was just after Ben Franklin's kite flying days and some Frenchmen were experimenting with electricity. They wanted to know how fast it moves. The Abbot of a large monetary volunteered his monks for the experiment. The monks had taken a...