Hope In a World Like This


29 Jan Hope In a World Like This

“Hope in a World Like This”- 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11
When I was growing up we used to watch the television show, The Twilight
Zone”. I can remember one episode called, “A Most Unusual Camera”. A husband
and a wife robbed a curio shop and one of the things they stole was a camera.
This was an unusual camera in that it produced pictures from about five minutes
in the future. Of course, the couple used the camera for evil means and they died
because of it. People are fascinated with the future. All of us want to know what’s
coming next. But we don’t need a magic camera to learn about the future. In the
bible passage we just read gives us a snapshot of what is going to happen when a
Christian dies and the hope that is going to happen when Jesus returns.

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