Fear Not Death


26 Feb Fear Not Death

“Dying to Live”- John 12:20-33
They say there are three things that cannot be talked about: You know
them, right? Religion, sex, and politics. I think they are wrong. We do talk about
these things. We just do it really badly. There is, however, something we do not
talk about. Death. Yes, we acknowledge death when it happens, but for the most
part we do not talk about death with any real depth or substance, and certainly
with no enthusiasm. We don’t deal with it. We deny it. We ignore it. We avoid it.
No one wants to die. The death of our loved ones is too real so we only
reluctantly acknowledge death. The thought of our own death is scary enough.
The relationships and parts of our lives that have died are too difficult. So for the
most part, we just avoid the topic of death. Besides it’s a downer in a culture that
mostly wants to be happy, feel good, and avoid difficult realities. But death and
funerals are a reality of living.

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