The Most Famous Conversation In The Bible


03 Jul The Most Famous Conversation In The Bible

“The Most Famous Conversation in the Bible”- John 3:1-17
You know this story well because you know within this story is a most
famous verse, verse 16. It seems that most people even those who do not attend
church know this verse. You used to see it at sporting events. The camera would
pan the stands and there would be the words, “John 3:16” for the entire world to
see held up by someone. So we’re going to spend some time this summer looking
at this verse: John 3:16. Over the next few week we are going to break the verse
down by seeing four things: God’s love, God’s giving, our believing, and our living.
Before we do that, this morning we’re going to look at the story behind the verse
and then over the next few weeks what the verse means for us today.

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